I’m for the woman who is ready to rewrite her story, stand in her power and speak her truth…even when her voice shakes.

I’m for the woman who is ready to stop giving so many fucks, as she bravely creates a business and life of freedom, abundance, joy, play and excitement!

I’m for the woman who is ready to own all parts of herself
Hey gorgeous!

I’m Rechelle Mackay, and on official terms I’m an Intuitive Coach, the founder and leader of the Free Spirit Woman Oil Tribe & Podcaster – helping goddess gals like yourself, create a life of freedom and abundance!

  • On less official (but slightly more awesome terms) I’m the Spiritess of Truth.
  • My intuition is my greatest superpower, guiding me in everything I do.
  • I have a big laugh and an even bigger heart. I speak and dance freely.
  • I’m extremely curious and crystal obsessed essential oil lover.
  • You won’t find me apologising for seeking or speaking my truth. I’m unapologetically obsessed with being unapologetic and empowering other women like you, to be the same.
I’m a badass,
Big hearted truth seeker
with one mission:

To help you rewrite your story into one of freedom, courage, joy and abundance. Because I know how you feel gorgeous. You’re ready to dream big and take even bigger action to create massive momentum in your life!


You’re here because:


Deep down inside you’ve been curious about essential oils, but fear has held you back from following your passions in the past and you’re ready to kick that fear to the fucking curb!


You’re ready to OWN your magic and live freely as YOU, to sparkle like a badass empowered woman on a mission!


You’re ready to step into your power and bring energy, joy and light into your life.


You’re seeking a mentor to guide you intuitively forward, to help you unleash the wild confident you inside so you can create your dream life.

And I’m the wing woman to help you do just that.

How I unleashed the free spirit woman within me


I wasn’t always so forthright and confidently me. I too struggled for a very long time to live my truth around my full self because I was afraid of what others may think of me.

II chose to squish down the spiritual side of me (the real me!) for so long. I had a ‘safe’ career, and I stayed inside a beige box, pushing my passions around spirituality, essential oils and helping other women embrace their inner badass goddess, right down to the bottom of the box.

In my quiet moments alone, I’d dream of living freely, supporting other women and being a bonafide spirit junkie. The life I’m now living used to only be a quiet dream!

But deep down inside, a little thing called my intuition was whispering to me “hey girl, you’re destined for something bigger, better and more badass than this!”

Can you imagine trying to fit all this me-ness into a beige box? Nah-uh, sister.

Something I know for sure is that if you don’t listen to that deep intuitive pull to follow your passions – the universe will shout as loud as it needs to until you start to listen!

And the Universe definitely shouted right at me!

After years of trying to please others, and pushing my true self to the side to ‘fit in’, I knew that enough was enough.

It was one of those days in my business where things went to shit, and I felt exhausted and resentful that it really hit hard. My soul could NOT go on like this. I felt it so deeply in every cell.

Rechelle Mackay meditating

It was in that moment of ‘fuck it! I’m doing me’ that the Free Spirit Woman within me was unleashed.

All those years of pain, fear and stuckness have become my greatest power. They are a beacon of light that reminds me to trust myself, tap into my intuition and always stay true to who I am, unapologetically!

Gorgeous, I want the same for you.

Feeling stuck in fear is simply a sign that your soul needs to break free.

Let me tell you, fear is a good thing! It’s your soul whispering ‘you’re destined for more.’

If you choose to move through the fear, and embody all the magical parts of you as you share your truth and follow your passions, you too will unleash the free spirit woman within.

And that’s fucking powerful stuff.

As an intuitive coach, doTERRA leader and all round spirit junkie, I think of myself as a student of the universe, mixing a magical blend of modalities and trainings as I mentor and guide my gorgeous doTERRA tribe.


spiritual toolbox

Education & Training:

Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy with Julie Parker

Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein

School of Modern Mystic with Belinda Davidson

Oracle School with Colette Reid Baron

Soulpreneurs with Yvette Luciano

Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue


How I like to roll as a mentor:


I don’t bullshit and I’ll lovingly call you on your shit, walking alongside you as you take the brave steps forward to your dreams.


My intuition is my greatest strength and number one tool. From the get go, my intuition is in action, guiding my team forward to a life they love.


I’m the truth telling cheerleader you wish you always had in your corner. It’s my mission to help you create the life you dream of and to help you feel wildly confident in yourself.


I always lead through action, moving through my own fear and stretching out of my comfort zone to show you that there’s no limit to what you can dream or do.


I intuitively know and believe that:

When you feel called to the world of essential oils, it’s a sign to tune in and listen to what your heart wants. They come into your life for a reason, so trust!

Your intuition is your superpower and everything you already need to create the life you dream of, lies within YOU.

Right now you’re a badass empowered woman – that part of you has always been there.

Speaking your truth and embodying all the magical parts of you is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself – and the world.

A few extra fun facts about me

Peppermint oil is magic to me. It’s with me all day, everyday, supporting me to be brave and free.

I’m fucking passionate about my mission and my women in doTERRA. You’ll know it from the first second! I deeply care about you, your journey and our journey together.

My first spirit message was in my early 20’s when I was in the backyard with my girlfriends. My nanna was an amazing clairvoyant and I learnt so much from her.

I’m a personal development junkie and you can often find me wandering through new age boho stores seeking crystals, clothes and trinkets (I even wear crystals down my bra!)

My laugh is my signature trademark and everyone comes to know me for it – I like to live out loud!

Know this….a free spirit woman already lives within you!

And there comes a time in life, which may be right now, when you’ve just gotta say “fuck it! I’m listening universe! And I’m going to do me”

Trust your intuition, because it’s your greatest superpower. Let your curiosity guide you forward, embody the true you, and open the door to the magical life you’ve always wanted.

I’ll be here as your intuitive guide, high vibe spiritual mentor and zero bullshit friend. Together we’ll unleash the free spirit woman within so you can sparkle like an unapologetic goddess – living her truth.

Now that’s freedom, sister!


Rechelle x

Feeling the love and want more? Let’s do this!

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