Free Spirit Woman Experience

3 months of 1:1 coaching and support

Over 3 transformational months, I’ll be your intuitive life coach and spiritual mentor.

I Will help you to break free from your pain, fear and doubt so you can walk into a life of wild freedom, truth and soul. This is the ultimate Free Spirit Woman experience – for the woman ready to go all in, claim her power and dive deep into her true self.

If you’re ready to unleash the wild goddess within, you’re in the right place!

 This is for you if: 


You’ve found yourself stuck in a rut – your hearts purpose is within you, but you’re afraid to unleash it for fear of judgement


You find yourself soaking in all things spiritual, but you don’t feel ready to show up as the spiritual goddess that you are within


You’ve got a deep soul yearning for a life of freedom, creativity and soul, but you’re still stuck in your comfort zone, staying in that soul sucking job or holding yourself back from showing up with confidence as a soulpreneur


You’ve had past pain, fear and worry, but you’re at that stage where you’re ready to transform that pain into power, get curious and reconnect with your true self


You’re ready to step into your radiant light and unleash your magic to this world, unapologetically

Rechelle Mackay

Over 3 beautiful months, I’ll help you to:

  • Trust your intuition and walk with absolute clarity into the life that you dream of so you can show up as yourself, letting all the wonderful and unique parts of you sparkle
  • Turn your pain, self doubt and fear into your greatest power so you can finally break free from past hurt and restriction
  • Take big and beautiful leaps forward as you own your spiritual truth and let the real you shine brighter than ever before. You’ll see yourself in a completely new way as you find your inner strength, wisdom and magic and build the confidence and self belief to live your life as a free spirit woman
Karla Pizzica

“To say that she helped me would be an understatement.”

The whole process was uplifting and I looked forward every week to our sessions together because I knew Rechelle was going to ask the hard questions I needed to answer if I was going to move forward into my purpose.

Karla Pizzica –

What you’ll get:

  • Pre-program workbook that will have you diving deep, getting crystal clear and feeling inspired before we even start our sessions together.
  • 6 x sessions held fortnightly. All sessions are audio only held via Skype or phone.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions for late night questions, virtual hugs and ongoing support.
  • Two custom oracle card readings sent to your inbox, one at the beginning of your program and one at the end to capture your spiritual journey.
  • An intuitively hand picked essential oil spray made with love by me to emotionally support you on your journey
  • A good old fashioned snail mail welcome pack delivered to your door with intuitively hand picked goodies – because you need to be celebrated for committing to yourself
  • Custom worksheets and resources throughout our time together to help you shift your mindset and get activated in between our sessions


Plus, after our time together…

You’ll receive a handwritten card to your door written from my heart to yours. I’ll intuitively express just how far you’ve come on your journey, so you can always look back on the moment you said ‘yes’ to being your true self.




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