Kind Words

“Before coaching with Rechelle, I wanted to write a blog and feel deeply connected to my developing coaching business.

I was seeking courage and clarity for this new chapter in my life. I was nervous initially, but by the end of our first session, I already had a new grand perspective on what was possible for me and my future.

Coaching with Rechelle was inspiring, exciting and supportive. Her capacity to listen deeply and be an intuitive presence enabled me to tune into my heart, stop over analyzing business decisions and really go for my dreams.

No matter how I felt at the start of each session, I always felt excited, confident and focused afterwards. Throughout our coaching series, I developed an amazing ‘can do’ attitude and a boldness for new ventures which had previously really daunted me.

I achieved so much more than I thought possible in our time together. I loved having the opportunity to be coached by Rechelle, whose warm, caring, electric enthusiasm and sharp intuition gave me so much courage, inspiration and momentum.”

Naomi Morrow –

“For a couple of months I had the fortunate guidance of Rechelle to follow through and launch my website.

To say that she helped me would be an understatement. The whole process was uplifting and I looked forward every week to our sessions together because I knew Rechelle was going to ask the hard questions I needed to answer if I was going to move forward into my purpose.

Through her effervescent, bold and no-bullshit approach, Rechelle helped me uncover many limiting fears and beliefs that had kept me from moving forward – all through her intuitive questioning and insights. Throughout the process I felt empowered and able – and I knew that I had someone there who would lovingly call me out if I made any excuses on why I shouldn’t be moving forward (I really needed it at that point).

Right up to launch point, she had my back and I am so grateful for the amazing and deeply intuitive coaching she gave me. She is a powerful Goddess woman who is deeply intuitive, wise, warm, sassy and completely authentic.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to move into their power, to shed light on their shadows and move into their light to have coaching with Rechelle. I’m so glad I did and I will again in the future. Thank you dear Rechelle.”

Karla Pizzica – 

Karla Pizzica

“Working with Rechelle was a complete game changer for me.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect but by the end of our coaching sessions, I had made a complete shift in my wellbeing & lifestyle. To say I was empowered is true, I am now more in tune on a deeper level than I have ever been. I express complete gratitude to Rechelle for helping me search within myself to find the light that has ignited my soul, passion & purpose.”

Denise Narelle – DN Designs 

“Rechelle is a natural born leader.

She is my inspiration my light when I’ve needed her, she has helped me move forward in life when I couldn’t, she seen my gifts and she believed in me with such great passion that i started believing in myself, making my dreams come true.

Rechelle’s intuitive guidance is mind blowing and so healing, I’m a very lucky lady to have meet her when I was 13 years old. She is my family and my spiritual soul sista. My life wouldn’t be the same with out her in it, just being in her presence will change your life forever.

Liz Kretchmer 


“She was the shinning light at the end of a very dark tunnel I’d been traveling for a very long time…

When my journey with Rechelle began, I didn’t just start out needing her help and guidance with one or two areas of my life, but more a long the lines of a whole swag of things! Things ranging from generational healing, emotional trauma from chronic illness, bereavement issues and some huge inner self core issues that had been buried over for years and years.

With excuse after excuse for not dealing with them, Rechelle was very straight up with me when we began, saying that unless I was ready to cut the crap and get real and be prepared to hear some hard truths, that it was never gonna work.

Although I’m still a work in progress, Rechelle made me get real and dig deep. I’m so grateful to say that with her spiritual guidance, daily advice, inner self work via web chat and the the many tools that she has provided me with, I’m now feeling so empowered within myself and the decisions I’m making for my future.

My spirituality has grown from strength to strength and I’m now stepping into a beautiful future confidently, without carrying loads of past baggage with me.

Rechelle is more then my mentor, spiritual guide or life coach, she’s a goddess of light and love and a true leader in woman’s empowerment. Everything I aspire to be!

Nicole Harris 

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