Why is staying true to yourself one of the hardest things to do when, in fact, you should be the closest thing to you? Why is it so hard to say “This is who I am?”

In this episode of Free Spirit Radio, I had the honour of chatting with modern day Priestess, leader of the WomanKind Tribe and transformational mentor, Jo Kendall.

We dive deep into a topic I’m super passionate about: how to have the courage to stand up in our truth.

Jo shared so much wisdom and inspiration, including;

  • Why being devoted to your truth and showing up as your full vibration is so needed.
  • Courage and self-belief ­– why these two elements go hand in hand on the free spirit journey.
  • Blocking your ears to other people’s opinions to follow your inner truth.


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+ The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

+ Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown



Jo Kendall is a modern day Priestess, leader of WomanKind Tribe, a speaker and a transformational coach/mentor for leaders, lightworkers, & change makers. She lovingly helps women transform their lives, find their flow, let go of blockages and all that is keeping them stuck in negative and unfulfilling patterns. In doing so, you awaken to your brightest and truest self and live the life of your dreams.

Connect with Jo at:

+ Website: jokendall.com
+ Facebook: /jojomkendall
+ Instagram: @jo_kendall



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