What is a free spirit? Does it mean not caring about anything? Is it going out and partying to your heart’s content? Or is it being deeply spiritual? We all have different definitions on this and go through different phases in our lives. But one thing we can all agree on is a free spirited life is ultimately a joyful life.

In this episode of Free Spirit Radio, I had the honour of chatting with soul-led web and graphic designer, Karla Pizzica.

Karla shared so much wisdom and inspiration, including;

  • Calling out your own bullshit and leading with love.
  • Moving beyond the surface to align to your heart and soul.
  • How to gently cut off ties with people and situations that are pulling you out of your truth.


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Karla Pizzica is a Soul-led Web & Graphic Designer who works with change makers and light inspired visionaries. She creates amazing websites and branding while also teaching others how to create their online presence through group training & 1 on 1 workshops.

Connect with Karla at:

+ Website: karlapizzica.com
+ Facebook: /karlapizzica.inspiredvision



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