Imagine being able to manifest your wildest dreams. Imagine being a direct channel for abundance, tapped into the infinite magic within you.

If this is something you’re searching for, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Jenna Black is a money mindset mentor and intuitive business coach for modern day babes. She believes that manifestation and abundance is something we all have access to.

In fact, you can stop searching, because abundance is something you can access right now!

Abundance is not something you find ‘out there’. Rather, it is an inner connection with source energy. To access this power, you need to shift out of fear and tap into your ‘inner wealth vibration’, becoming an energetic match for your desires.

If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry! That’s what this episode is for.

Jenna and I explore:

  • How to connect to your channel of abundance and access your inner wealth vibration
  • How Jenna has overcome people pleasing and perfectionism to live unapologetically
  • Becoming an energetic match for your goals and desires
  • Jenna’s powerful journaling techniques to unpack fear and set the intention for your day
  • Understanding your role as a soul having a human experience to help you tap into your intuitive voice
  • Seeing fear as a gift from the Universe
  • Jenna’s 4-step process to overcome self-doubt, shift back into your power and take aligned, intuitive action towards your dreams



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Jenna Black is a money mindset mentor and intuitive business coach for modern day babes creating freedom-based businesses. Her mission is to support women to turn their dreams into reality by healing the money and mindset blocks that have held them back, activating their intuition and bringing laser focus to their business strategy.

With 11 years experience in digital strategy and marketing, Jenna blends her practical background with a modern, spiritual and feminine approach. She is passionate about supporting women to create a business that is abundant and flowing, so they can manifest a lifestyle they’re wildly in love with.

Connect with Jenna at:

+ Website:
+ Instagram: @abundantbossbabes



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