This could be the moment that everything changes.

No popping prosecco or public grand announcements – just you and a brave decision to change your fucking life!


<You’re ready to take massive action on your life. You’re tired of letting your self-doubt and fear define you. You’re ready for so muchmore in your life that you have always deserve.

No more letting fear hold you back – it doesn’t serve you anymore. And fuck, letting your fear control you is getting tiring, right?

What you want is to bravely step into your power, to rewrite your story and activate your true self, and live your life unapologetically. 

And you know that there are 2 times in life, NOW or too late!

Here’s what I know for sure…

you already have everything you need inside of you to create your best life.

  • You are a brave, courageous fearless woman. And I absolutely know that when you own all the magical parts of you – you’re doing yourself and the world a service!
  • When a bad-ass empowerment coach comes into someone’s life, and it sparks curiosity in them, I always remind them to tune in, trust and listen. Their superpower works in magical ways, and they come to them for a reason (without a doubt!).
  • What is your intuition whispering to you right now gorgeous?
  • Maybe you’re realising you haven’t been living a life that is true to you, and there’s a part of you that is craving so much more. It stings a little that you’ve been holding your true self back for so long


It’s YOUR time to claim your inner goddess FREE-SPIRIT power and walk through life unapologetically – as you. It’s YOUR time to live with passion, get unstuck and follow what lights you up.

It’s YOUR time to stand in your POWER!

As an Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Mentor, it’s my heart’s mission to help curious and courageous women like you to:


  • Be yourself and embody the true you – unapologetically
  • Live with passion, energy, enthusiasm and excitement
  • Get to the heart of what you truly desire, so you can stop blocking your dreams and show up to manifest a life you’re crazy in love with
  • Stand bravely in the direction of your mission, and kick your fucks to the door!!
  • Love and own all parts of yourself with an inner confidence that is unbreakable
  • Learn to listen and trust your intuition, so you can know the right step forward at any time and cultivate a deep belief and trust in yourself
  • Live on purpose and unleash the free spirit within!

You and me = the ultimate bad-ass goddess team, if you’re:

  • Called to go all in on your curiosity, to explore a shine bright life living in your terms
  • Ready to take massive action and create huge momentum on your dreams as you go all in and follow where your intuition guides you.
  • Ready to cultivate an unmistakable confidence so you’ll never have to apologise for who you are and what you love ever again.
  • Craving the sisterhood support and intuitive guidance of a mentor who has been through the hard times but knows what it takes to turn her broken world into a sparkling life of freedom 
  • Beyond ready to activate who you are, make big shifts happen and create some serious magic in your life!

They don’t call me the Spiritess of Living Unapologetically for nothin’.


  • Working with me on your journey is full of excitement, enthusiasm, and kickass own who you are experience.
  • I’m a total spirit junkie and my intuition is my magic wand, guiding everything I do. Together we’ll create a big and beautiful vision for you to follow your passion and share who you are with the world, unapologetically!
  • I’m about breaking free from fear and embracing all parts of you, so you can embody the free spirit woman within, illuminate your path forward and set yourself free.
  • I can promise you this gorgeous – I deeply give a fuck about you and your success. I go all in with the women in my life and I always choose to dive first through the fear, then walk alongside you as you do the same.

Give yourself permission to let the free spirit goddess within you break free…you’re never going to look back –  I promise!


let”s do this!!

'Awaken Your Free Spirit Woman’

These 12 x 1-hour of coaching sessions are  to help you break free from your self-doubt, fear

and living on other’s terms so you can now walk into a life of true freedom, purpose, and passion. This is the ‘Awaken You Free Spirit Woman’ Coaching Package!


This 1-Hour coaching session is for the woman who has a big-hearted mission

inside of her, but is needing a bad-ass Empowerment Coach to help nudge her

into action with confidence and courage.


These Readings will give you so much clarity that you will walk away feeling excited,

clear, and focused about your path & where you’re heading! They will awaken you on how to Shine Bright in your Life!

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