Essential Oils Classes

Join me in these beautiful classes as I guide you on what oils are best suited for you, how to create beautiful blends and magical oil potions and chat all things oily goodness. As a self confessed essential oil lover, I’ve seen the power of using oils daily and I can’t wait to share their energy and power with you.


Moon Circles

Join a collective of free spirit women coming together to harness the power of the phases of the Moon.  For Full Moon Circles,  we’ll tap into our intuition to release what no longer serves us and finally let go of fears and blockages. This grounded full moon ceremony will leave you feeling light, connected and supported. For the New Moon, we set big hearted intentions for what we want to manifest. Together we’ll explore our intentions, tap into our intuition and use the power of the new moon to bring everything we desire to life!


Energy Readings

Listen in as I do a Energy Reading. Using my intuition to connect, I’ll explore upcoming themes for the month ahead and any angel messages that come through to help you move forward.

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